Monday, May 30, 2011

Atlantis Rollout Post #1

As many of you know (due to my shameless self promotion!) I will be bringing the final Space Shuttle rollout to you live. I hope to be bringing some live video (from my phone) and answering your questions and responding to comments via Twitter.

Important Links for the May 31st (at 8PM EDT) Event:

I know rollout is more of a photo opportunity than a live conversation event. But this is the last one ever and scince I am not a professional photographer, I wanted to concentrate on something you don't normally get during a rollout. And that is live, on the ground, reporting.

"Space Shuttle Atlantis bathed in the Xenon lights"
Photo by Ben Cooper at

Subject: Atlantis Rollout for STS-132
Credit: Ben Cooper /
I want to "bring" you with me during this historic event and to talk with you about why this is not the end. True the Shuttle Program is ending, but the future for NASA, Space Science, US Human Spaceflight, and the new "commercial space" industry is very bright!

I hope to spark some interest in you (if you have none) and I hope I can inspire at least one student to consider getting an education in math, science, engineering, or technology.  I am really hope I can get one student who says, "WOW, the Space Shuttle is cool, I wonder what space ship I can fly on when I grow up?" "I want to be an astronaut someday, the space ships we will have when I grow are going to be the coolest yet!" to study hard and achieve that goal of being an astronaut.

Her are a few links to get started with inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers!

My (not so professional) YouTube video from the STS-132 Launch at the May 2010 NASATweetup

Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking with you!

- Aaron

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